About Sophie.

meSophie is a classically-trained pianist, yogi, dancer, cook, writer, and voracious consumer of wise words, foreign foods, and podcasts. She has saluted the sun from Hawaii to Houston to Vermont, played cello and piano in countries throughout Europe, danced her way up and
down the Americas, and cooked gluten-free fare for groups of 10-100 from all over the globe. In addition to working under James Beard-nominated chef Anita Jaisinghani, Sophie’s degree in Piano Performance is from Rice University with the astounding Jon Kimura Parker, and she has furthered her personal
growth and healing with masters of thai massage, yoga, acupuncture, Shen energy work, music & art therapy, DBT, psychotherapy, and more. She is devoted to cultivating community and helping people find optimal health through movement, music, and food. She owns Vibrant Studios (transitioning to become Vibrant Collective in January, 2017!), and recently recorded 100 YouTube videos in 100 days when bedridden after breaking her foot.