The Premise

Note: this description is dated, friends. But it’s the foundation this site was based on, so I leave it up for good measure. As you all know, The Generosity Chronicles has been through many iterations, and will inevitably continue to shape-shift as the years pass.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be in community. To contribute and connect. To be optimistic, but also realistic. To let my perfect inner goddess-demon shine, and to illuminate for others the breathtaking truths that they already know, but sometimes get hidden by all sorts of gunk life throws at us.

I’ve also been thinking about giving and receiving. How I value gestures so much more than actual possessions. How I have so much stuff, but when I distill my life down to its essence, that stuff is never what it’s really about. How, as I enter into the month that’s typically characterized by purchasing things for those I love, I am ready to undertake a whole new experience.

I am ready to call this my season of “giving and presence,” rather than “gifting and presents.”

My practice of generosity, therefore, has a plan and a daily practice that I will document. Each day in December, I will choose someone in my life to honor. Many of these people will be The Someones In My Life who keep me sane, keep me loving, keep my corner of the universe joyful and playful and abundant and fulfilled. Though you may not know these people, they are all people, like you: worth knowing, worth celebrating, worth expressing generosity for. I will ask each person I showcase to choose a charity or cause or fund of their choice, that I will make a monetary donation toward on their behalf.

I am honored and humbled to be able to make the investments that I am. I have chosen to funnel time, energy, and money — all of which are so valuable, and could easily be directed elsewhere — into the completion of this month-long project. I do this as a service, as an act of love, and also as a SOURCE of love and fulfillment. I do this to challenge my fear-based beliefs of “not having enough” or “not being enough” or “not having the intelligence to pull this thing off.” I do this to express gratitude and generosity in a way that feels delicious and powerful. I do this to honor my people, my community, my world, and my vision of helping all of the aforementioned stand in their truth and power, and shine a little more brightly.