As I begin to gear up for a month of daily entries, I must admit I feel a little apprehensive about the task I’m undertaking. 31 straight days of of mindful, carefully-crafted writing? I have an evening ritual of journaling that helps me energetically bookend the day, but when I write in my journal, no one’s watching. Sometimes I blabber like a little kid, other times my thoughts are angry and explosive. Occasionally I just fill the page with “la la la la la.”

But this? This is different. This is reaching into my vulnerable spaces, connecting with the people I am showcasing; exploring the recesses of language and the inner terrain of words, and attempting to put down on (virtual) paper what inspires me so deeply in the spirits of the magnificent beings around me. This requires true presence and focus. I can’t guarantee it’ll always be pretty, but I will absolutely stand strong in my intention to fully embrace the challenge, the imperfection, and the pleasure that I hope both I, and readers, will derive.

Ready to ride with me, friends?

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