Star Spotlight 4: Sabby Lou

I don’t remember what initially brought Sabby Lou and I together. Perhaps it was a feast at Vibrant Studios, where we geeked out about plant-based fare. Perhaps it was an ecstatic dance event: at the Tiffany Center, or Muse, or Village, or Red Rose, or Lenora’s, or one of the other countless venues (not to mention outdoor locales) where she graces the dance floor with her exuberant, soulful steps and shimmies and turns. Perhaps it was over a spread of DoTerra oils, where she turned me on to the grandeur that is aromatherapy: telling stories of how specific oil combinations had been life-changing, herself smelling irresistibly musky and citrus-y (Arborvitae, meet Citrus Bliss?!). We didn’t meet at an event with her DJing, because Sabby hadn’t yet added that skill to the astonishing array of talents and abilities she carries in her gorgeous multi-colored rainbow unicorn toolbelt; however, she’s since become one of my (and many others!) Portland favorites for solid grooves and expansive musical arcs, and I’m honored whenever she takes me on a powerful journey of self-discovery through a set of carefully-selected songs.

To say Sabby does a variety of things is an understatement. She’s someone who shines too bright to be described succinctly; the fabulous enormity of who she is spans SO MANY different realms! One clear and incontestable category she does fit into, however, is passionate. She works passionately, plays passionately, believes passionately, loves passionately, cooks passionately, feels passionately (joy and pain alike), dances passionately, speaks passionately.

Sabby’s taught me a lot about the importance of caring for mama earth, and all creatures and things that reside on and around her. In fact, Sabby is so connected to herself and her fellow species, and feels so fully on behalf of so many beings and causes, that I see her sometimes left wracked by the intensity of these emotions. I’ve felt the the infectiousness of her excitement, the depth of her care, and the enormity of her grief. It is moments like these I wish she could see the grandeur of who she is. The incredible gifts she brings: gifts of patience and understanding, gifts of openness and humor, gifts of vulnerability and insight. Sabby is devoted to learning, to making the world and herself a better place. She is one of the greatest teachers I have ever met, able to educate others about the knowledge she holds in a way that’s compelling, frank, and often deeply darkly funny. She inspires me to really look at my life and consider the choices I’m making, the places I’m investing my time and energy and money, the things I’m putting into my body and the things I’m sharing with the world.

And lest I fail to mention one of the things that makes me adore Sabby most: her incredible, voracious, love of food. Sabby, I’ll tell it to you straight and don’t you dare protest: YOU ARE AN AMAZING COOK. The flavors and spices and ingredient combinations you dream up are startling, brilliant, ingenious, and most always wildly successful! You are hands-down my favorite person to cook with; whether it’s rushing to People’s Co-op to cater an Indian-inspired feast, or playing assistant for your fabulous presentation at Portland VegFest, or spending full hours sipping and stirring and scheming and slurping in your kitchen (yeah, yeah, with me most often stationed with a cutting board on the floor), I feel so joyful to share these experiences with you.

Sending so much gratitude and love for all you are, Sabby, and all your bring to the world. You make this Portland community (and infinity, and beyond!) a better place. Please choose a fund or cause you would like to support, and I will make a monetary donation on your behalf.

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