Star Spotlight 19: Dill

Dill, she sparkles. She seriously sparkles.

I sometimes wonder if Dill is part human, part visionary fairy badass goddess rockstar. There’s something mythical about her spirit, something magical about the fact that she navigates the world with such grace, such exuberance, such boundless enthusiasm.

And boundless enthusiasm is really the best way to describe the baseline of Dill’s character. Even as a new mama, she’s able to maintain a level of energy that’s impossible for most at their peak state. She’s nursing a three-month-old, perpetually sleep-deprived, juggling a preexisting business with a plethora of new ventures. Her brain is CLEARLY not in “optimal functioning” mode — that would be impossible, given the circumstances! But still, Dill forges ahead: sunny, optimistic, and unbelievably focused. She has an active social life, business life, and personal life, and manages to stay on top of correspondences in all three of these areas. She orchestrated an exhausting move across the city just weeks after giving birth. Her little baby’s already been on two round-trip plane rides, accompanied her to numerous events, been a participant at parties she’s thrown and a participant on Facebook Live videos.

Dill truly shines in nearly every area. She can brighten a room like no one else I’ve met, through a simple celebratory “haaaaay!,” or a nonstop supply of big hugs, or any of her other utterly infectious greetings. She is brilliant with a camera, both behind and in front: she’s fabulous at catching priceless moments, and irresistible on screen. She has a knack for making people feel welcomed and at ease, appreciated and supported. She runs her real estate business and her Women With Moxie networking group with skill, finesse, wicked intelligence, and all the sassy savvy one could ask for.

Dill is amazing at facilitating connections and collaborations, both professionally and personally. She picks up on subtleties of personalities, and has helped countless amounts of people identify who they should know, and who should know them; who they can help, and who can help in return. One of her most spoken phrases may very well be “oh! oh! I have someone you NEED to meet!” — and she’s usually spot-on in her assessment. I attribute this partially to Dill’s keen understanding of others; her ability to attune to and grasp people’s needs and wants, and to point them in the direction of what might help them achieve both of these vitally important things. This is only possible because of Dill’s capacity to ask good questions (guys, she asks such good questions!), and then truly listen – whole-heartedly, without expectation or agenda – to the answers she’s provided. Combine this with her intuition, and you have a recipe for discernment of the highest caliber.

Dill is fastidious with details in all the best ways; driven and motivated and focused while still managing to be light-hearted and adventurous and free-spirited. She is also super goofy! Able to giggle at others in a way that’s gentle and loving, and able to poke fun at herself in a way that’s never self-deprecating. I’d say “adorable,” but that sounds a little demeaning, so I’ll clarify: I say this about Dill from a space of love and endearment, not condescension. And she’s adorable while still managing to be a grown, gorgeous, embodied, empowered woman.

Oh, and lest I forget to mention: goodness me, Dill can cook! She’s a wizard in the kitchen, cooking up all sorts of bodacious gluten free & vegan concoctions. Tamales from scratch? No problemo. Homemade cashew coconut Havarti cheese? Creamy, flawless, stunningly delicious! Her palate is varied, and her ability to pull off perfect flavors and textures with nuance and finesse — impressive enough to win over even those most skeptical to life without wheat and animal products. Pardon the hashtag, but it’s only appropriate here: #noglutennodairynoproblem 😉

Dill has an amazing partner in life (and perhaps in crime, too), and I feel profound admiration for their relationship. That thing I wrote earlier, about Dill having an amazing knack for connecting people? She seems to have worked this magic in her marriage, too. Dill and Nick demonstrate beautiful collaboration and teamwork, both in their family life and their careers. There is a baseline of kinship and support, and a palpable understanding that no matter what, they’ve got each other’s backs. They build each other up, help each other out, keep each other smiling and cheerful even in the most dire of circumstances. It is clear that the respect they demonstrate for other begins within their partnership: an unspoken non-negotiable that keeps the world always spinning in their favor.

There’s a lot I don’t know about Dill. I’m sure there are times when she struggles, when she’s not all smiles and sunbeams. When her radiant spirit is dulled from fatigue, or sadness, or doubt, or fear. I honor those aspects of Dill, too, and trust that she finds containers that feel safe to delve deeply into the “darker side” of her inner terrain. I’m so honored to hold space for all that Dill is. And no matter what surfaces, this much I know to be true: Dill has a beautiful, jubilant spirit. She has an astounding amount of kindness, curiosity, inquisitiveness and quirkiness. Even when she’s not shining she’s bright — her mind, her wit, her spirit, her essence. She has a soul that’s sincere and sweet, loving and brave. She is a catalyst, and will always find more ways to make the world a better place.

I love you, Dill! Thanks for being such a joy to work and play with. Please choose a charity for me to make a donation to on your behalf.

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