Star Spotlight 23: Jennifer Alyse

Jennifer Alyse is one of the brightest blessings to the world I’ve ever had the privilege to encounter. Her irresistible glow starts with her beatific smile: it can light up a room, and perhaps more importantly, it can light up everyone who is the on the receiving end of that stunning grin. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent an hour or two with Jennifer, and left feeling the reverberative affects of our encounter, hours and days and weeks later. Her smile, and the sentiment behind it, stays with me. Her mighty heart, her illuminating perspectives, her Here, Now-ness.
Jennifer has a way of navigating relationships and correspondences that leaves me breathless. She speaks clearly and directly, while still managing to be nurturing, gentle, and kind. She holds strong personal boundaries, yet never harshly pushes people away. She stands in her truth, but bends sweetly with her heart and intuition.
Jennifer Alyse is a brilliantly talented artist. She is in high demand as a photographer: traveling many times a year for gigs, and working with some of the finest talents in a diverse range of industries. She shoots private and commercial work, individuals and weddings; people at work, people at play, people at their most joyful, expressive, exultant, vulnerable moments. And wow, this woman can shoot! The level of work she produces is breathtaking. She is truly a master in her field.
Beyond her artistry as a photographer, however, she’s a genius visionary. She has a vision to make the world a better place, and clear plans for how to execute. At the core, Jennifer Alyse’s life work does something most magnificently: helps people be seen. Helps people glow in their own limelights. Helps individuals bear witness to how stunning and perfect they are, and then shares these illuminated beings with the world. How appropriate that Jennifer’s first Being Seen retreat will take place in March 2017. I see her launching a movement that the world has been waiting for. I see her facilitating transformation that’s unparalleled in its ability to change people’s lives.
Jennifer Alyse is a sister to many. She offers her love freely, joyfully, openly, and as a result, the women and men who gravitate toward her are equally beautiful. I often think that observing an individual’s “inner circle” gives a powerful vantage point into who they themselves are; the people they attract can illuminate and reflect parts of them I wasn’t originally privy to. I look at Jennifer Alyse’s inner circle and see a community of people who are radically accepting, aligned, conscious, “woken up” to the world around them and the needs of their cohorts. I could play the chicken or egg game, but instead I will say this: Jennifer helps the people around her shine brighter, stand taller, act bolder, and they do the same for her.
Jennifer is a master at reflecting back back the beauty of the world around her. Magnifying it, accentuating it, honoring it. I see Jennifer celebrating and worshiping the divinity in every person she meets. Her clients reap the benefits of this unique talent, as Jennifer’s ability to see is much more than just seeing. Seeing, to her, means many things. Illuminating. Understanding. Receiving. Holding. Honoring honoring honoring. The dark places too, in herself and others, Jennifer provides the reverence and attention they deserve. What a gift she gives, simply by holding space with focused presence.
Jennifer does so much, for so many. She empowers women (and lucky men, too) through photo shoots and retreats. Her talents of accessing and exposing the deepest inner truth in people are unparalleled. Whether it’s hosting a day-long workshop in downtown Portland for 200 people, or gathering women for a goddess circle at her home, Jennifer demonstrates a commitment to creating spaces for women to luxuriate in each other’s presence: to share honestly and deeply, to giggle with delight and gather for support and celebrate each other’s diversity, beauty, and vulnerability. Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do. I see in you a level of presence that’s extraordinary. You have a truly stunning method of navigating the dance floor of life, and are inspiration to so many. Graceful, playful, inspired, fiery, passionate, jubilant, soulful, connected. I love you!

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