Star Spotlight 28: Lyla

I really, really, really admire Lyla.

First of all, I think she’s absolutely beautiful. Yeah, part of this is physical, but most of it is what radiates from her heart center. I haven’t explored around in her inner terrain, but I’m convinced there’s a stunning landscape full of iridescent colors, textures, and tinsel and blinky lights.

In addition to being a beautiful human being, Lyla is a harbinger of ALL THINGS beautiful. She owns a fantastically diverse wardrobe, and her jewelry collection is unparalleled. I’ve never seen a woman wear bright colors so well. I’ve also never seen a woman who can pull off being bedazzled in so many feathers and sparkles. Somehow, with Lyla, this wild look manages to be tasteful, in addition to utterly and undeniably fabulous. Her aesthetic and sense of style never fails to put a wide smile on my face.

Lyla takes complete and total ownership of who she is. She’s not messing around. When she stands in her power, she’s mesmerizing. Even if she’s not literally standing (which she hasn’t been doing a lot of, these days, due to a lingering and painful foot injury), her power is evident. She embraces life fully and unabashedly. She sets boundaries and revels in them. She speaks her truth, and shines as an example of being unwilling to compromise in matters of the heart.

Lyla’s lived a lot and learned a lot. Her past is varied, and full of moments of excruciating difficulty and immense joy. Some people would stay in victim mode after going through all she has, but Lyla’s no victim. She takes ownership over her process, and has a unique ability to zoom out and view the situation she’s in from a frank and honest view point. I so admire Lyla’s capacity to also bring levity and bemusement to challenging situations — I respect her need to dissipate some of the stuck, fearful energy with eye rolls, giggles, and humor. She has a fantastic way of laughing at herself without being self-deprecating.

Lyla is the embodiment of a goddess-wild woman-fairy-earth mama, in all the best of ways. She works at a high-stress, high-intensity job in the medical industry, and speaks candidly about how confining and sterile the environment can sometimes feel. However, Lyla doesn’t “lie down and take” this oppressive energy. Instead, she proceeds in the way she does so well: assess the situation, evaluate her options, and come up with a solution that will at least partially remedy whatever unusual circumstances she’s dealing with. In the case of her work place? Lyla’s channeled all her witchy ancestry, conjured up all the magic she can, and turned her cubicle into an energy-deflecting miracle-working hub. Let there be crystals! Let there be feathers! Let there be the power of the earth, to combat and relieve and soothe and heal!

Trials and tribulations, life has certainly dealt her a bundle. From the physical to the emotional, Lyla’s handled the deepest levels of pain imaginable. I see Lyla handle this with grace, yes, but also with a healthy dose of impatience and irritation and exasperation and fed-up-ness. Some of the time, she’s forced to learn how to surrender; to submit to the unpredictable ways of the universe, and try to find peace with a process that’s different than she wished it was. Much of the time, however, her fiery emotions serve to push Lyla to make the shifts she really wants to make; helps her restructure a life so she feels more in alignment and better supported, and where her needs (and “wants!” How about them wants!) are being met. And wow, can this woman manifest: most of the time, when she puts her mind to something (and calls on the support of her spirits!), she’s able to actualize profound miracles.

Lyla’s an amazing mom to her kids (who are, themselves, becoming more grown up each day!), an powerful partner, a staunch and loving friend. She’s been many things for many people, over the years, but in each of her exchanges I daresay she brings a little big of fairy godmother energy that’s bright and sizzling and profound. Lyla, you dazzle from the inside out (and often from the outside out, too). Thank you for all the sparkle you bring to the world ❤️

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