Travels, Day 6: Bagan

Intention: wellness for both mind and body.

From tummy, to feet, to sinuses, to our thoughts! All parts of our body and spirit deserve care and R&R; I’d go so far as to say we have an obligation to carve out time to experience deep and soul-nurturing pleasure.

Traveling is admittedly hard on a body — with an immune system being affronted by an entirely different environment of germs and toxins and chemicals and stimuli than usual — so being in Myanmar was an especially important time for me to do everything I could to cultivate an inner terrain that was safe, grounded, and nourished. That being said, I believe strongly that we don’t need an excuse to take time to take care of ourselves. So, what are the small things you can do today to give your body some good ‘ole fashioned loving-kindness? Ideas include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: a warm or cool washcloth caressing your face; a hand or foot massage with your favorite lotion; a taste or a plate of food you truly love.


  1. A morning sun-kissed walk through the fields and tiny stupas.
  2. The gigantic “changing face” Buddha:  look from close in, and the face is stoic and serious; step back 30 feet and his face is smiling!), and the remarkable juxtaposition of the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Burmese buddhas that were all housed under the roof of one temple.
  3. Lying poolside, taking an hour for deeply reflective writing about what I want my life to encompass (#nobigdeal).
  4. A hilarious elephant dance at our hotel’s evening puppet show, to the backdrop of the gaudiest music imaginable and goofy flashy lights. Mom and I couldn’t stop laughing for nearly 5 minutes straight!

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