Shout-Out: Nate Frazier, Swell PDX

If there’s one thing that’s resoundingly apparent about Nate, it’s that he loves to help people.

And when Nate talks help, he means it. There’s nothing flippant or flaky in the equation. It’s clear-cut, concise, coherent: how can I best support you? Where are the areas that you’re lacking direction, resources, wherewithal? How can I make a concrete difference for you and your business?

And by being such a badass, Nate helps others show up for world better. Once again, it’s a startlingly simple equation: help where help is needed = enable others to help where help is needed.

Another piece in Nate’s power puzzle is his ability to convey his care and passion in a way that’s utterly infectious. There’s a genuine enthusiasm that’s present in any meeting or conversation with Nate. He’s got a way of listening and validating and uplifting, while still being practical and no-nonsense. He dreams big, but he’s real with strategy and execution.

Nate runs Swell PDX, a company that strives to serve small businesses by putting as many of the tools they might need in one place—including, but not limited to: web development & hosting, bookkeeping, design, and Cloud services. This from the Swell website:

Our goal is to clear the plates of entrepreneurs freeing them up to focus on what matters most, their business and their future.

Nate has recently expanded to a new bigger office in SE Portland, and has a whole slew of good stuff in store for 2018—from one-on-one consulting, to group workshops & private events, and lots more to be announced. (And I can’t help but mention that part-time job as papa to a gaggle of sweet kiddos, and partner to a beautiful wife!) Keep Swell on your radar, folks. It’s businesses like this that foster creativity and artistry in our local community; that makes entrepreneurship a viable career path; that helps all the fabulous visionaries actualize their dreams.

You can find Swell at

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