Shout-Out: Kristen Arnett, Green Beauty Team

Kristen is a gem. She’s sparkly. She’s a business woman with a keen sense of direction and vision. She knows how to hustle, that’s for darn sure—and she’s built a thriving local, national, and global presence, due to her work as a freelance makeup artist/hair stylist, and her role as founder of Green Beauty Team.

Kristen is magnetic both in person and on camera, and conveys a breezy charm that’s utterly likable and effective. Blend that with her passion for the products she uses (and the resultant positive impact on the environment), shake in a generous dose of her commitment to having healthy beauty conversations (and speaking to wellness of mind, body, and spirit), and stir in an unparalleled wit and humor—and you’ve got a recipe for a woman who’s simply irresistible. There’s no wonder she regularly lands high profile clients around the county, and opportunities for connection and collaboration with rockstars in her industry.

Kristen’s business savvy is as impressive as her sass. She’s a doting owner to Gingie, a ridiculously adorable feline with one of the strongest personalities I’ve ever encountered. She’s a warm hostess with impeccable taste and aesthetic sensibility. And she’s an outspoken and fiercely loving advocate and activist for a whole slew of important cultural and environmental issues.

Kristen has established herself as an authority on natural beauty products and skincare—and for good reason. Kristen, how lucky I am to have you as a friend. And how lucky this planet is to have you on it. You make an extraordinary impact through your work and your platform alike.

Check out Kristen’s freelance work as a makeup artist/hair stylist at Check out Kristen’s Green Beaty Team at From either of these places, you can find & follow Kristen on Instagram and Facebook for lots of amazing resources and yes, cat videos.

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