Igor Brezhnev, Author, Artist, Designer, Consultant

Igor is a visionary. He thinks in ways unlike any other I’ve met. His brain is not bound to the constraints that many might characterize as “ordinary.” I see this as a tremendous asset, as Igor can transcend societal expectations, cultural norms, or prescribed roles–with a grace and gentleness that is admirable and utterly lovable.

Igor is physically statuesque, and also energetically so. He does not dominate a crowd, but his presence is always palpable. I feel it as strong, stable, thoughtful, present, sensitive, and very aware.

Igor is a conduit of beauty. He has built some of the most stunning and effective websites I have ever encountered, and crafted immaculate logos for many businesses and brands. He has created artwork (much of which draws from sacred geometry) that leaves me breathless in both concept and execution. His words, too, are works of art–he has written a book, Dearest Void, copies of which are for sale at Tender Loving Empire on Hawthorne in SE Portland. Recent years have led Igor to be sought after as a business coach and consultant, where his intuitive nature and deep sense of order and strategy have proven him an asset to all those who partner with him. In all these areas, and so many more, Igor’s talents are strong, valuable, and yes–quite beautiful.

Igor exhibits an attention to detail that is truly exceptional. He is caring, kind, and soft-spoken, but with a hearty and resounding laugh that can warm a group in an instant. He is a startlingly good self-taught musician, able to sit down with a guitar and turn notes into nuanced musical phrases, chords, and melodies.

In summation: with Igor, there is no summation. There is no clear classification or conclusion to be drawn. There is so much of Igor that is more clearly felt than encapsulated in words, and this is part of his magic. Ask Igor. He’s got an arsenal of unbelievable stories from his personal history, and a truly enlightening perspective on many things. A conversation with Igor will impart much more wisdom than I can, here.

Find Igor at www.igorbrezhnev.com, and please consider supporting him by purchasing of a piece of art or a book, or hiring him as a business strategist or project consultant or web designer. Igor is also active on Instagram, where you can see many samplings of his artwork, excerpts from his books, and more. www.instagram.com/igorbrezhnevofficial.

And yes, this Imperfect/I’m Perfect photo is one of Igor’s beatific works of art!


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