Travels, Day 18: Narita

Intention: kindness. When sitting down to write of kindness, I feel a quiet metaphorical smile begin to spread across my insides. I feel in my body an ease, a mellowing, a warmth. What a gift true kindness is; what a gesture of support. Kindness can shape-shift dramatically depending on the situation, the giver, the recipient. … More Travels, Day 18: Narita

Travels, Day 14: To Ngapali Beach, we go!

Intention: non-attachment. Letting go of expectations: this is something I will likely be challenged by throughout my lifetime. And there is a scientific reason for this: our memories are programmed to recall “highs,” “lows,” and “endings.” There are so many times when I essentially completely disregard the process of something, fixating only on whatever emerged … More Travels, Day 14: To Ngapali Beach, we go!