Travels, Day 17: The Road Home

Intention: savor.

Yesterday, I spoke of joy; today’s intention might feel similar but has a decidedly different flavor. The concept of savoring brings with it an understanding that whatever pleasure is currently being experienced will not last. There is an understanding of the temporary nature of all things, including the highest highs and the sweetest indulgences. Savoring invites me to embrace the mantra “Be here, now;” to whole-heartedly (or whole-belliedly!) be with my present experience, and come to terms with the fact that it cannot and will not last. Savoring is, therefore, for me, a little wistful. Melancholic, even. 

That being said, there can still be celebration in savoring. And by celebration, I don’t necessarily mean bright lights and loud music and hoots and hollers; celebration can be eyes closing in ecstacy, dipping into a comfy chair or a hot tub (or a luscious Indian Ocean…) with a swoon, taking a sip of warm tea on a cold day or a frothy beer on a hot one. How can you find moments in your daily life to savor? Even the simplest things are worthy.

One last note on the topic: I find savoring to be a truly body-based endeavor; I am much more inclined to savor something that titillates my senses than a mental construct or intellectual idea. So in this way, savoring can be incredibly grounding. I’d invite you to be curious about how being in a “State of Savor” can bring you more solidly into your body.

Travel highlights:

  1. Our final delicious morning swim. Mom and I were like two dancing dolphins! We played together, held each other, goofed around, were silly and sweet.
  2. Our first flight of the day ran… early! And was a total breeze. #thankstravelgods
  3. A cheesy piano version of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” playing in the Yangon airport. Throwback to 1996, indeed!
  4. Our kind Yangon driver’s sincere enjoyment of the animals at the Nature Preserve; his delight at taking selfies not only with the animals, but with us.
  5. Being closer to monkeys, hippos, and antelopes than ever before.
  6. Seeing a very different side of Yangon than we had at the beginning of our trip — much more scenic and green, without the intensity of downtown — bu still notiing how the energy felt notably unique from other pockets of Myanmar we traveled in.
  7. A spectacular final Myanmar meal: super spicy whole sea bass, served over a flame; sauteed snow peas with soft boiled peanuts; pickled mustard greens & duck soup with sour and rich broth. And mama manifested a platter of papaya for dessert!

Note: I did not take any video footage today, so the videos below are throwbacks to earlier days in our travels.

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