Star Spotlight 9: Elyse

Refreshing. Invigorating. That makes her sound like a shampoo or body wash, but Elyse IS, in someways, like the best hair or body product one could ask for. (Betcha didn’t see THIS analogy coming…! But bear with me, folks. And please don’t be offended, Elyse darling, I really do mean this as a compliment 🙂 ) A few hours spent with Elyse has this wild ability to make me feel emotionally cleansed, exfoliated, renewed, and energized. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever spent time with her that feels depleting — she fills me up-up-UP. Even when she’s asking for support, there’s a humility and openness lodged within her vulnerability that is highly respectful of my boundaries and personal process. I imagine this has to do with her intuitiveness: able to gauge, even in her toughest moments, how much is appropriate to ask from someone, or how much to give energetically.

Elyse is a stunning artist in nearly every medium. Though visual art is the genre she’d most likely describe as her “area of expertise,” many other modalities also showcase her talents. She’s a wizard in the kitchen (her culinary creations are not only delicious, but also brilliant aesthetically), a queen of cool moves on the dance floor (I credit her dad partially for this skill), a sultry singer (the woman can carry a tune and really belt!), and a graceful yogi with a masterful, grounded, and intuitive teaching sense. Yes, the walls of Vibrant Studios are graced with her painted works, but energetically, the studio has been enhanced by ALL these Vibrant facets of Who Elyse Is.

Elyse is determined, resilient, and wickedly smart. She’s a tough cookie who still manages to be unwaveringly compassionate. She managed Vibrant Studios in my stead with focus, cheer, attention, dedication, and prowess; this not only facilitated a flourishing business, but also led to rave reviews and cries of praise. “We can’t thank Elyse enough! She is an angel! A godsend!” (I couldn’t agree more, ye unidentified quoted ones.) She has a fierce work ethic, and has the capacity to set incredibly high expectations for herself while also maintaining a practical, realistic mindset. She’s been an unofficial business coach for me on many an occasion: helping me see the big picture while staying grounded in the present.

Her relationship with her husband Chris is one I admire profoundly; the base level of understanding and respect upon which they operate is beautiful and remarkable. Seeing her demonstrate her unwavering commitment to Chris — no matter what emotional space they’re both in, no matter how tough the day or week or month or year has been, no matter what curveballs have been thrown their way — gives me faith in the future of (wo)mankind, and all the great things and immense joy that partnerships can facilitate. For serious. I can’t wait to see little Posts running around the playground, chasing waves on the beach, getting into all sorts of shenanigans. They will be hooligans, undoubtedly. But the sweetest type, of course.

And those kiddos won’t materialize that mischief from out of nowhere: Elyse is hilarious. Often, startlingly so. Her sideways sense of humor sometimes makes me and others do the mental equivalent of a double take: “wait, whaaa? Did that really just happen? Did she really just say that?!” It is an utter delight to spend time with Elyse and never quite know what to expect. I see her humor come out in her art, her writing (even her Instagram captions are often bizarre and ridiculous), her mischevious grins.

Elyse also really knows how to play. I have a deep admiration for her ability to work hard hard hard and then truly let loose, in whatever way feels like will best serve her in that moment. She’s attuned to her sense of desire and pleasure, and demonstrates the importance of a “health care regime” that includes the fundamental elements of eating well, moving well, connecting/ socializing well, partying well, resting well, and at its essence ENJOYING LIFE well.

Elyse has an incredible capacity for support. She’s a keen listener, and deeply sensitive and empathic; able to listen not only to the words someone says, but also to discern the nuances of what is truly going on energetically, emotionally, and physically. She has a sense of style that always keeps me smiling, and can pull off any article of clothing (from showy to classy, brilliant to banal) she dons. I was lucky enough to play cello at her wedding in 2015; she literally shimmered and shone in a gorgeous and understated dress, and the support and love I felt from the group that gathered was a testament to her amazingness and inner beauty. Elyse, you have kept my life-wheels spinning in more ways than I can name. I am tremendous grateful for you, and all the gifts you bring to my life and to the world. Please choose somewhere for me to make a donation to on your behalf.

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