Star Spotlight 10: Charlie

I feel so immensely grateful to have Charlie as my uncle. In some ways, I credit him for the success of this next chapter of Vibrant Studios — his gift of the beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano has facilitated innumerable events that have sustained us over the past couple  years, in addition to several essential long-term rentals that will keep the studio thriving throughout 2017. The gift Charlie gave was so much more than a piano: he gifted future potential and abounding possibilities. He gifted life to a space and light to my life. He is The Man, indeed!

Charlie is a force to be reckoned with. He drums by his own rhythm, that’s for darn sure — and it’s a rhythm that’s sometimes deep and slow, sometimes somber and sultry, sometimes fast and bright and with an unmistakable “thwack!” The drum that is Charlie is resonant and soulful, wise and wild, humorous and heartfelt. He has a dogged commitment to all the causes he believes in, in particular the protection of Mama Earth. His devotion to organic food and sustainable practices (from energy-efficient light bulbs, to infinity and beyond!) are just a few of the ways he demonstrates his commitment to doing everything in his power to make the world a better place.

Charlie has incredible listening abilities. This is demonstrated strongly through his affinity for music; I marvel at the way he’s able to put together chords and melodies, with such a fiercely honed sense of harmonic style. Acoustically, he’s also deeply aware: sensitive to the room he’s in, how his surroundings support his craft (both physically and more abstractly), how his creations are affected by the energetic nuances of the spaces he inhabits. As a result, he has designed a breathtaking home and studio space, which reflect an admirable intentionality and attention to detail. Entering Charlie’s home, kitchen, or music room, I feel a deep sense of calm. Everything is curated and clear. Everything is in support of the energy that he wants to maintain and cultivate and grow.

Charlie has a wry sense of humor, which creeps its way into conversations and adds a playful element to his rich and colorful personality. He has a strong hug that matches his strong convictions, and his clear sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. If Charlie disagrees with you, he’ll say so, and he’s not afraid to give all the reasons to back up his well-formed and passionate opinions. He knows a lot about a lot of things, and has powerful and compelling beliefs about what to listen to and eat, how to best take care of oneself, what the state of the world is and how we should work to create change.

He manages to be not only resolute, however, but also deeply caring and compassionate. Knowing Charlie has my back has given me great relief, at times of my life when I was struggling or feeling unsupported. He understands how powerful simple gestures can be: how an unexpected package in the mail can brighten my day (or week, or month!); how an invitation to a concert can make me feel touched, valued, and included; how a recommendation for some cool artist or article or essential oil or supplement, can mean the world.

Thanks, Charlie, for your dedication to self and world-betterment. Thanks for reminding us all of the transformational power of music. Thanks for your generosity and your limitless love. Please choose a a favorite charity or cause, and I’ll make a donation on your behalf.

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