Traveling, Day 1: Asakusa

Intention: safe and smooth sojourns.

How will you find moments for respite, for deep breaths, for comfort, on your sojourns today? How will you create safe spaces and environments for yourself and others?


  1. Mama and I getting our own rows on the SEA->TOK flight
  2. The adorable first bento meal on the plane: potato salad, smoked salmon with black olives, potato cutlet with traditional Japanese thick curry sauce, cold soba with seaweed and dipping sauce, pickled cabbage, Ritz crackers with cream cheese spread, and Haagen Daaz ice cream to finish!
  3. Finally finding our hotel, after nearly an hour of exasperated jet-lagged circles of a 5-block radius.
  4. The servers at the tucked-away and very formal eel restaurant: they spoke no English, only nodded and smiled and bowed profusely. I seemed to have made their evening when I exclaimed “oishii!” (delicious!) after being served our box of grilled eel on rice, with pickles and soup to accompany.
  5. Perfectly firm beds, a big bathtub, and the tiniest travel-sized toothpaste you ever did see.

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