Travels, Day 2: Tokyo to Yangon

Intention: be gentle, with self and others.

What does gentleness feel like to you? How will you practice this with yourself, with your loved ones, and perhaps most importantly, with those who challenge and inflame you? They, too, deserve the generosity of gentle words, actions, and thoughts.


  1. Sunrise over Sumidagawa River, with breakfast bento (fish, rice, pickles, Japanese-style pressed omelet, miso soup — these are a few of my favorite things!).
  2. Arriving in Myanmar! Meeting our kind Myanmar guide and feeling supported in a smooth journey from the airport to the hotel.
  3. Walking through the dark streets to the night market: marveling at the softness of the air, feeling safe despite the frenetic whirl of activity.
  4. Being tickled and amazed by the cultural differences between Myanmar and Japan: here, there was no semblance of having to uphold cultural politeness in the same way. Welcome to the land of haphazard walking and driving, open stares and smiles!

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