Shout-Out to Leah Hansen, Dosha Healer

Today I honor a beautiful healer who I’ve had the privilege of working and playing with for several years.

Leah Hansen is a practitioner with magic hands and incandescent energy. There aren’t many massage therapists I know who can foray the realm between earth and spirit, but Leah manages to do just that. She is somehow firmly grounded and effortlessly esoteric. She is goofy and genuine, and has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered. She has a mind with seemingly limitless ideas for how to better the world.

And, get this: as of several days ago, Leah has decided to lower her rates (yes, you read that right). This straight from her email newsletter:

My lifestyle is revolved around expanding my spiritual life, soaking up and sharing ancient healing modalities, being impeccable with my word, having integrity, living a life of balance between work and home, finding ways to conserve resources be it water, food, shelter, and relationships and building community.

My soul feels awful to charge more than what I am comfortable with, and I no longer want to promote raising the market value, which most families are unable to afford in the first place.  For me it always comes back to “Less Is More” and I have decided that my fee for services should reflect this “Less Is More” way of life and am doing the unthinkable, reducing my fees for services.

After our session today, Leah told me: “On the table, healing happens for us both.” And there’s nothing I love more than a reciprocal relationship of support and care. Nothing I love more, that is, than an absolutely blissful massage. And the person attached to those magical hands.

Check out Leah’s website,, for some great free resources (including a natal chart calculator!) and to book a session.

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