Shout-Out to Nora Beckman, Days LA

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving this year with 22 members of my extended family. Of the group that gathered, my cousin Nora traveled the farthest–she made the trek to Seattle up from her home in SoCal. During our time together, it was a joy to be reminded of Nora’s intelligence, curiosity, humor, and charm. She thinks deeply, reads voraciously, and brings an artistic sensibility and compelling charisma to all the spaces she graces.

Nora’s most recent endeavor is a space in Los Angeles called Days. This from their website:

Days is an iterative and fluid retail/community/event space in Los Feliz. With each iteration we host events and bring together collections under different themes. Days is a space responsive to dreams, ideas, perceptions, objects, trips; a place where we can engage with each other as makers and thinkers and people.

I’ve been in great admiration of the diversity of events Days has been curating — upcoming weeks include a workshop on herbal first aid, a Writing Bodies book release, a hike themed Amazement and Death, and a 7-course Persian dinner gastronomic dinner titled Look, Touch, Taste, Swallow.

I am truly inspired by all the aesthetic & creative elements Nora has compiled in this beautiful endeavor. Nora does much more than create space–she holds it with poise, magnetism, and intention. She creates a container for artists to be showcased, for people to gather, and for stunning events to unfold. Cheers to Days LA, this day and everyday!

For more information, visit the Days LA website at Days is also active (and magnetic, I may add) on Instagram:

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