Shout-Out: Yasmin Nguyen, Gratitude Inspired Living

Yasmin is a visionary. But not just any type of visionary–he’s a visionary with a mission to truly help people live better and happier lives. To help people show up for the world in a way that’s based in love, joy, and alignment. To cut out the voices in people’s heads that tell them they’re not good enough, or that they have to constantly prove themselves to others, or that they have to eternally stay on the hamster wheel of working harder, and harder, and harder. Yasmin wants to upend all that. And his work as an entrepreneur facilitates just that.

Yasmin’s business is several-fold, focusing mainly on gratitude and an experience he calls “Retirement Day Practice.” He’s incredibly articulate with his mission, so this comes straight from his website (edited for brevity’s sake):

I believe in order to deepen your relationships and grow a business you love, you need to do less proving and more inspiring through compelling stories of gratitude, and develop a regular practice of expressing appreciation for your clients, prospects, and peers.

I have discovered that:

  • The true currency of business is trust.
  • Gratitude is the engine that drives trust.
  • When we witness a genuine moment of connection, we experience trust.
  • When we share passion, gratitude, and impact, we inspire others to take action.

As you can tell, he’s incredibly articulate with his beliefs, which I’d attribute to his winning combination of smarts and passion. He also truly cares about his clients and his purpose, and his commitment to his modus operandi reflects this. He is loyal, loving, unwaveringly kind and respectful. He has a seemingly unending supply of inspiring quotations, and the uncanny ability to receive remarkable “downloads” in any given moment that are packed with pure and unadulterated wisdom. What a perfect example of how Yasmin’s intuitiveness informs his life and contributes to his brilliance.

I am in awe of the scope of Yasmin’s ideas, and the resultant works he has produced. His many years of operating Vibrance Global (his business producing Customer Gratitude videos for companies) helped cultivated his attention to detail and eye for aesthetic appeal, and has since applied this skill-set to taking phenomenal photos. The result of his artistry is a beautiful deck of “MOFO Mindset cards,” each of which include a breathtaking image of the Oregon Coast and an uplifting, thought-provoking, or smile-inducing quotation. Yasmin has also recently started a Gratitude Hacks podcast, which features compelling and enjoyable episodes that leave listeners with clear action-steps to spread appreciation and love. Yasmin’s big goal is to “inspire over 1 million acts of gratitude this year.” Through this, he invites us not only to engage in these generous for our own behalf, but also to participate in a movement that truly has the ability to revolutionize our societies and how people relate to one another. Who’s on board? (I know I am!)

I could fill many pages telling you about how special of a person Yasmin is. He is one of the kindest, most compassionate, nurturing, and thoughtful people I know. He’s a pillar of support and wisdom for me and so many others in his community. He thinks and feels deeply, listens fully and whole-heartedly, and it has been an honor to see him embrace his true MOFO nature as his business has blossomed over the past year. Thanks for being one of my dearest friends, Yasmin, and for all the joy and gratitude you spread in the world.

Find Yasmin at Listen to–and subscribe to!–his new podcast, by searching for Gratitude Hacks on iTunes or elsewhere. Last call to action: ’tis the season for gifting, and Yasmin’s MOFO Mindset Cards are just the thing! Order for your family and friends at

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