Shout-Out: Mina Beckman, Formina

It’s pretty miraculous to me that my family is full of so much talent. We’ve got an amazing array of artists, musicians, dancers, theater directors, teachers, master gardeners, engineers-to-be, and more. Out of this crew, Mina’s creativity shines.

Mina is a jewelry designer under her private label called Formina. And this isn’t just any jewelry. Her work is stunning– simple, elegant, and refined, with sharp lines and soft curves. It is versatile enough to be dressed up at a wedding, or dressed down for everyday wear. There’s rarely (okay, never) a family event without several of Mina’s works on proud display by several cousins, sisters, and aunts.

I admire Mina’s ingenuity, resourcefulness, and attention to detail. She designs pieces unlike any other I’ve seen, and marries contrasting colors, textures, and materials to create a resultant product that’s innovative, yet completely logical. I see Mina’s beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and ring, and think: of course! They are put together so masterfully that they feel almost effortless–a true testament to Mina’s meticulous construction.

You know that feeling of seeing a fantastic musician live, and everything they do looking so dang easy? I believe that’s the difference between an accomplished artist, and one moderately talented–a true artist can hide the technical prowess required, with an immaculate presentation that barely hints at the hours of labor involved. Mina’s got that artistry in spades. Her strengths are demonstrated through her outstanding creativity, along with her ability to construct and execute based on her creative visions.

And not to mention, Mina herself is a gem (PUN INTENDED). She’s one of the friendliest, most welcoming, brightest personalities I know. She’s a joy to be around, thanks to her soulful sensitivity, energetic awareness, sharp insights and hilarious quips, and her overflowing loving nature. She’s adventurous, playful, and sweet. She’s got the soul of a healer, which her swoon-worthy massages are a perfect representation of.

The Formina jewelry line is currently available in boutiques in LA and New York (and elsewhere?), in limited supply. I am waiting for the day when it’s discovered and adored by someone famous, who instantly catapults Mina to being in even higher demand than she currently is. When that day comes, Mina, what joy it will be to see you receive the accolades that you are already so deserving of.


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