Shout-Out: Jesi Young, Pure Joy Yoga

There are very few people I know who seem to have mastered the art of both giving and receiving support. Individuals whose friends and communities rally around them, and who they in turn give back to with complete selflessness and generosity. Jesi has this mastery.

One of the things I marvel at most about Jesi is her ability to gracefully navigate between many different worlds. There is an ease and naturalness she carries through varied elements of her personality, and she’s able to capitalize on the strengths of them all. She’s a mover and a shaker, a true energetic catalyst—but she’s also happy spending the day at home, snuggling with her animals and tending to the garden. She’s deeply spiritual, with a yoga practice that informs her mindset and her way of being in the world—but she’s also practical, no-nonsense, and scientific. She’ll listen to gorgeous, ethereal chanting—then flip the switch and get down to Pepper or bass-heavy rap music. She’s empowered and independent—yet one of the easiest people I’ve ever coexisted and shared space with. She oscillates between being playful and free-spirited—and being a hardworking, straight-talking, badass business woman.

Rather than coming off as stark contrasts, these elements all weave effortlessly into the gorgeous web that Jesi is. There is true harmony between the parts of herself, the throughline uniting them being her unwavering respect and love-centered approach to life. The choices she makes, the spaces she creates, and the experiences she curates all are remarkable demonstrations of this. Her interactions, both professionally and personally, serve as ways to continually spread health, peace, groundedness, and gratitude.

Jesi is the owner of Pure Joy Yoga, a beloved and wildly successful yoga studio in Yuba City, California. Besides the beauty of the space itself (thanks to Jesi’s impeccable aesthetic taste), what’s most striking is the community she has built. Her staff and clients both are some of the warmest, kindest, and most generous and giving folks I’ve met. Pure Joy has become a hub for friendship and connection–a space for yoga, yes, but also for socializing and support. During the summer, one is greeted by a free box overflowing with vegetables; there is also a retail section stocked full with gorgeous healing products and wares, and paintings on the walls made by local artists. Pure Joy gives people the opportunity to nourish their brain and body, heart and soul—encircled by the powerful medicine that is community. What an example of comprehensive, holistic health!

Jesi is a stunningly embodied representation of yin and yang balance. She’s a brilliant and driven entrepreneur, with expertise in areas ranging far beyond her forays into the world of owning a yoga business—skilled graphic designer, maker of natural skincare and beauty products, accomplished cook, writer, speaker, teacher, and more. She has the priceless ability to honestly scrutinize and evaluate the components in her life and her business, decide what’s working and what’s not, and then instigate quick change. She’s a productive powerhouse with the impressive ability to actualize nearly anything she decides she wants. Right now, that’s a revamp and expansion of Pure Joy Yoga, and a transition to a new space that will allow for even more opportunities for movement, healing, wellness, and support. It is an absolute honor to witness Jesi’s journey, and to watch her continue to unfurl and blossom into an even more magnificent version of herself.

Jesi, being your soul sister is pure and unadulterated joy. Thanks for blessing me, and so many others (including all those animals who treat you like their very own Disney princess!), with your love.

Find Jesi at, or

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