Shout-Out: Beth Lorio, Interdisciplinary Artist and Performer

Beth is super special. And what I share with you will just be scratching the surface, as she and I have only had our webs of life overlap & intermingle for a few months. So I’m sure she’s special in lots of ways I’m not even aware. But I’ll tell you what I know:

Beth channels many different types of energy, which is part of her magic. She is alternately grounded and guttural, then ethereal and imaginative. She’s real and rooted, moving slowly with intention, and then rising with bursts of bright energy. She has an understated drive that’s a force to be reckoned with.

Beth has a lot going on in between her ears—and also in all those vibrating cells of her body. Her heart is huge. Her connection to head, body, spirit, soul—and integration of all these components of herself—is palpable and inspiring.

Beth is a beautiful facilitator: insightful, thoughtful, deeply caring and attentive to detail. She also has a great sense of humor. I’ve been startled by the laughter she’s able to evoke from a group, and what great and unexpected pleasure arises from her bright wit and impeccable comedic timing.

Beth’s artistry—both as a person, and as a creator of physical things—is undeniable. This brilliant clip comes straight from Beth’s website (add copywriter to Beth’s list of marketable skills!):

My work has always had a “craft” orientation. There is a very clear function of two dimensional art that I seek to fulfill. That function is to keep company. To bring friendliness to the space where the dishes are washed and the emails are written. My work is meant to be used for refreshment, dreaming, remembering, companionship, inspiration… to have a beautiful thing on the journey.

I experience Beth’s art like I experience Beth: playful, quirky, full of strong contrasts, bold gestures entangled with soft colors, circles meeting lines, edges sometimes sharp and sometimes soft and subtle.

Besides painting, Beth also offers services as a video artist, in realms of shooting, editing, and composition. Her keen eye for detail, intuitive understanding of composition, and ability to simultaneously be present to her surroundings and also take a “wide angle” omniscient view, are invaluable assets in the creation and production of videos.

Outside of her prowess as an interdisciplinary artist, Beth is also a performer. She is a key facilitator and player in Fertile Ground Festival’s upcoming A Teaspoon of Water: A Contemplative Salon, with shows that run January 18-21, 2018 (at the one & only Vibrant Studios!). She has a powerful on-stage persona: provocative, intriguing, mysterious. Her improv is impeccable and surprising, attuned to the group in attendance and also full of insight and delight.

Clearly, Beth wears many hats, all of which carry a throughline of contemplation, curiosity, community, interconnectedness, and embodiment. I feel so grateful to have cross-pollinated with Beth these past several months. Can’t wait to continue to weave with you, Beth!

Find Beth at You can also find her paintings live and in person at Karuna Contemplative Living, located at 1725 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland. Beth’s beautiful paintings will be blessing the walls through December. And mark your calendars now for A Teaspoon of Water!

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