Star Spotlight 19: Dill

Dill, she sparkles. She seriously sparkles. I sometimes wonder if Dill is part human, part visionary fairy badass goddess rockstar. There’s something mythical about her spirit, something magical about the fact that she navigates the world with such grace, such exuberance, such boundless enthusiasm. And boundless enthusiasm is really the best way to describe the … More Star Spotlight 19: Dill

Star Spotlight 18: Phil

If I remember correctly, I first met Phil at a happy hour & yoga class at Vibrant Studios. He was instantly likeable: a delightful blend of easygoing and accountable, playful and reflective. Upon becoming a part of our “Studio family,” he’s since been at all sorts of different Vibrant events — he’s made appearances at … More Star Spotlight 18: Phil

Star Spotlight 15: Sam

I have this image of a big bright ball of gorgeous, pulsating light. It’s swirling and bubbling and boiling and percolating, then it’s whirring faster faster faster getting brighter brighter brighter, and then – pow! It pops like a giant pinata and this giant cascade of love bursts out. That’s how I feel when I … More Star Spotlight 15: Sam